Unconscious trauma hamstrings our business growth... who knew?

Updated: Mar 16

I've been in some really cool conversations, workshops, webinars and course recently. Unconscious Trauma in business resonates true on almost every level of my being - and everyone I've spoken to about it to date.

Here's a wee round up of all the resources I've been exploring that you may find interesting if this subject also rings true for you.



A brilliant movie produced by Science and Non-Duality [SAND] in their own effort to transform how we engage, transform and heal trauma.

SAND has organised a week of experts, facilitators and practitioners to participate in their week long Wisdom of Trauma event. Check that out here

As for Dr. Gabor Mate, a Medical Doctor who has turned his life to studying trauma to now be able to lead from the Wisdom of Trauma - his work, and books are well worth a read.

Here's a brief clip of Gabor on Trauma if you're new to his work. As someone who grew up inside acute, chronic trauma, I've become appreciative and grateful for Gabor's work. The insight, understanding, and dots we get to connect in the area of Trauma has a lot to do with Dr. Mate.



His books, his courses, his lectures - all sorts of wonderful can be found in his work. Here's a course of Gabor's I've done a few times over that I reckon is well worth a visit if this subject matter has your interest.



A brilliant podcast we did with Dr. Steve Fonso. An entrepreneur, facilitator, and doctor facilitating #selfhealing programs over at his practice in Thunder Bay - his online programs probably mean geography is less relevant.



So I did this 2-day (weekend) course and it was all sorts of awesome. I was impressed with how well they did delivering an embodied experience remotely. The 2 days were facilitated by 2 very capable facilitators and the group was about 14 in size. I loved the workbook, the exercises and all the new stuff I discovered as we moved through the two day experience.

The exercises were next level good. If you are from the Demartini crowd, I recommend participating with an open mind and a recognition that there are other parts of the mind worth exercising. Here's a wee look at one of the pages from their 24 page workbook.



Jen is a force of nature. She has clearly done the work to allow her to now do that work for others. Her courses are perfect for the novice entering this work, and her VIP days are perfect for the more advanced among you. Check her out here >>


insideGROWTH MiniConf 2022

And, in February 2022, insideGROWTH will be hosting a wee online workshop with panels, experts and material exploring how unconscious trauma shows up - particularly in business. If you're in the space as a subject matter expert, we'd love to interview you over on our podcast


#insideGROWTH is an online resource that explores the inside-you-kind-of-growth that yields more flow, less force.

We are exploring three areas:

1. Self Healing

2. Self Development

3. Meaningful Work

And organising a series of online workshops in February.

Details as to how you can get involved are here >>

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