The Golden Shadow Method - Free Study Group w/@KenShaw & @ShawnSharkey starts 19 May 21

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see. Jung

I was online the other night looking for someone inside a Jungian Facebook Group (C.G. Jung and The Creative Bridge) when I stumbled upon a post by @KenHart @ShawnSharkey

Quite honestly, they had me at Golden!

I knew I had to have the book, and I wanted in to that study group.

So I diverted my attention from seeking out someone specific to following the links that brought me deeper into Ken and Shawn's post.

The longer I stared at the book cover, the more excited I got.

Then I was thinking to myself, what an incredible PR push for a new book launch. I was admiring their work, when I saw the timing for the study group would be midnight to 2am Dublin time. I figured I'd ponder on a midnight group as I shot off to Amazon make my purchase - before looking up the author, Melanie Ryan. I landed on her Facebook Page

A chat bot appeared as the Facebook page opened prompting me to take one of three actions - I didn't need one of the three options but still high off finding the post, and making the purchase, I lunged into the ChatBot expressing my gratitude to Melanie for writing the book, thanking her for Ken's posts and for making it possible for me to find out about her book in one of my Jungian groups.

I graciously ended my message after several paragraphs of glee and went back to my research when Melanie popped up in response to my DMs. Hah.

It would be a good while in my exchange with Melanie before I would find out that she doesn't know Ken or Shawn and wasn't aware of the study group but that she would love to connect and drop into said study group. Hah!

To cut a long story short

There's this book I cannot recommend enough.

And this study group being run by two guys I cannot recommend enough.

Shawn and Ken will warm your hearts - their energy, presence and inspiration for doing what they do is deeply moving. Heart led, Heart based, in Service. This group is organised, thoughtful and not their first rodeo.

If you like the sound of this then you're going to love this study group. Maybe even more so if you're in their hood >> Windsor Ontario, Canada 7pm-9pm ET

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