Stephanie Hartwell, Facilitator and Coach on healing, trauma and self-love #insideGROWTH

Updated: Mar 16

I've been busy these past 2 weeks as #insideGROWTH went from a moment of inspiration to what you see here. An online resource curating all the different ways that make the inside-you-kind-of-growth, possible.

Stephanie is anything but new to this world of study.

I bumped into Stephanie circa 2015 at a Dr. John Demartini Breakthrough Weekend. The weekend that would see both of our paths diverge into very different directions.

Mine would see me set up house in the Middle East, hers would take her on an adventure deep into the mind, body, soul connection, while making plenty of room for her own healing.

Her Facebook feed had been on my radar for the last few months - a resonance and message that I kept finding myself saying a big fat yes too, over and over.

When #insideGROWTH became somewhat coherent (it's only 11 days old as I write this post) I wanted to connect with her - learn what transpired for her since our last exchange circa 2015 and find out where this inspiration on mind-body-soul was coming from.

What an incredible, inspiring and wise gal. I believe my words were, "Tell me everything!"

Stephanie took me through a story that had a lot of similarities to mine - 15+ years studying human behaviour, life, universal laws and endless modalities only to meet a Facilitator in Havening and discover... that age old trauma is not only still raw, its there as if it happened yesterday. Stephanie shared that after she picked herself up off the floor, she promptly removed herself from the self-dev, spiritual, personal growth space to take stock.

Stephanie would return a good time later with an appreciation for Polyvagal Theory, clear distinctions and practice as it relates to Self Worth- Self-Esteem- Self-Care, Blue Marsden's work over at Soul Plan, Delta Wave Theory, and of course, Havening.

I found myself in versions of awe at her unquenchable desire to find resolution, inspiration at The Work. Stephanie would have been investing in herself to reach the place where she can now facilitate others, and gratitude.

Gratitude, because I promptly took myself online to purchase another book; Soul Plan by Blue Marsden.


It was about this time when I introduced Stephanie to this project I had unfolding - asking if she would have the energy and space over the coming weeks to let me interview her on the #3FootJourney (The 3 feet from head to heart) - I wanted to hear her story, get her insights on the wee overview I whipped up to locate where she saw holes and opportunities to add to it, and finally, to interview her for a third time on how she facilitates people through the #3FootJourney

She said yes!

But not before raising the hairs on the back of my head with this off handed remark.

Look! Mindset alone does not clear trauma from the body!
Your body is dense, mind is less dense, soul is dense-less, the body stores so much.
When there is trauma we must access healing through the body, first.

It reminded me of this school of thought - that knowledge alone does not change our inside stuff. That we can read all the books, do all the workshops - but without doing the work with and through the body... well, its all sorts of levels of frustrating.

Thank you Stephanie! I adore you and I'm so grateful to you and your journey. Very much looking forward to doing an interview or 2 with you in the near future.

You can find Stephanie on Facebook, LinkedIn and Insta.


#insideGROWTH is an online resource curating the various ways we can experience more flow, less force.

We are focusing on two themes inside 2021:

  1. #3FootJourney (the feet from head to heart)

  2. #MeaningfulWork - the rise of innerpreneurs, intrapreneurs and the meaningful economy.

If you are a subject matter expert in either area, and fancy doing an interview with us, we'd love to hear from you. Please visit the site for details and contact information.

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