[PODCAST] Tech's role in #MeaningfulWork with Gary Nuttall

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Meet Gary:

Gary Nuttall has a lifetime dedicated to working with firms to engage emerging technologies in order to extract meaningful data.

Based in the UK, Gary is a Business Consultant working in the areas of Blockchain, Crypto, Artificial Intelligence and the data it offers.

An emerging tech advocate, Gary can be found delivering keynotes, running masterclasses and Advising firms on their Tech initiatives.

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#MeaningfulWork - dubbed a mega trend by Foresight Group in the 2020 publication The Meaningful Economy. Gary joins us for a candid conversation about the role of technology in squeezing us out of jobs we've been doing for 20+ years through automation and robotics, and inviting us to reconsider what we do now.

We cover:

  • the P2P economy,

  • the future of work,

  • the 4th Industrial Revolution,

  • and the trends Gary is seeing in business that we want to be thinking about now

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