[PODCAST] Old Trauma blocks New Business with Dr. Steven Fonso

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Meet Dr. Steven:

Dr. Steven Fonso is a Chiropractor, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Author, Dad, and a fellow Canadian. Based out of Thunder Bay he is working with people all around the world today about more connection, less stress.

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Childhood trauma & the brick walls in business. A conversation whose time has come as we unpack the relationship between early trauma and how it expresses in our business as adults - that we're almost certainly unaware of.

Dr. Steve joins us to share his experience of seeing his 6 yr old self, losing his father to divorce, and how that void in his young life expressed in his business - until it healed - the effects in his business, family, leadership and world post healing gave him pause as he considered the trauma in childhood, gone unprocessed, becomes the stuff that weighs us down, holds us back and keeps us stuck, in our business.

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