[PODCAST] Breda McCague - Going from Head to Heart

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Meet Breda:

Breda McCague is a Senior Banking Professional, Lean In Ireland co-founder, Coach, Speaker and someone invested in normalising the conversations around emotion, struggle in the workplace, and a promoter of making the #3FootJourney from head to heart.

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This #3FootJourney from head to heart begins. 7.5 years ago, on the side of the road in a stream of tears. Breda speaks candidly about how she used social media to navigate the dark nights of the soul, the inspiration and tools she accessed, her thoughts on fear, emotion and struggle in the workplace, along with her passion about inclusion, diversity and inspiring more women to add their voices to hers. Breda lives in Ireland, works in Banking and has barely scratched the surface yet.#3FootJourney

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