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Updated: Mar 16

So, I am neck deep in research that is seeking to understand how technology is enabling #MeaningfulWork as part of this project here - #insideGROWTH

What I am discovering along the way - is both interesting and uncomfortable.

Some highlights so far include:

  1. Blockchain + security + true data = Ai is now free to be free.

  2. Digitalization is working hard to do everything you don't want to do, including your job.

  3. Quantum computers are now on sale for €4,000.

  4. Since 2020, we have books being published titled, A world without Work.

A trend, I reckon will have huge impact on us inside this decade, and one I am keen to understand much better.

Daniel Susskind gave this Ted talk in 2017, (3 years before writing this book; A World without Work)

Then there was this Panel hosted by the World Economic Forum

And of course, there is this interview with Earle Hall, Futurist, Technologist and Human Behaviour Expert that set me off on this wee tangent.

I'm well interested in understanding this further - if you're a subject matter expert, or you have recently had robots and digital take over your job - I would love to hear from you.


#insideGROWTH is an online resource that explores the inside-you-kind-of-growth that yields more flow, less force. The 2021 theme - #MeaningfulWork - is a collaborative exploration with dozens of industry experts, to answer 5 core questions, later in the year:

  1. What and Why of the Dark Night of The Soul for Corporate Professionals?

  2. How do I synthesize head and heart into #MeaningfulWork?

  3. How is business evolving to support this mega-trend?

  4. What role is tech playing in all of this?

  5. Who are the pioneers & trailblazers already doing this?

Shannon Eastman for more information, or to get involved. Details below.

Details as to how you can get involved are here >>

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