[MINI INSIGHTS] 1 Question with 20 answers from Professionals about #MeaningfulWork post-COVID

Updated: Mar 16

I have taken about 4 weeks to have about 2 dozen plus, off the record conversations with known-to-me senior professionals inside the Financial Services industry spanning UK, USA, Ireland and Australia. It's worth noting these are senior professionals who are at the height of their careers. Not middle management who still have a ways to go to 'have it all"

As part of my work for the last few years in the Financial Services space, I'm known to carry out market research calls 1-to-1, with and for, the Financial Services industry. I reached out to a few already known to me, to check in and get their answer on 1 question.

How has COVID changed your view on what is Meaningful to you now?

I explained that it was research to inform the direction of insideGROWTH for 2021 - the one theme in particular - #MeaningfulWork

The answers have a similar thread running through them. And there were plenty of laughs, as well as serious exchange, as we looked back on the year that was, and resolved if any of that had an impact on Meaningful. Clearly, it did.

My takeaways are kind of obvious now that I've looked at the data.

They include the following:

  1. Very few of us got out unscathed by these last 14 months.

  2. Without the hustle and busy, we had too much time to sit with our thoughts and take stock.

  3. Taking stock has left more questions, than answers.

  4. The experience of taking stock has not been enjoyable or welcome.

And I expect once restrictions lift, once life becomes more social, these questions and reflections may feel less urgent, less important as distractions become more abundant - but what I did notice in about 4 exchanges - each person was aware of the underlying feeling always kind of being there - faint, but there - by contrast, today, its more of a persistent echo without the noise to muffle it.

The Mini Insights Summary is available here >>

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