[INFOGRAPHIC] Flow State and Peak Performance using 5 Brainwaves

Updated: Mar 16

Updated: May 13

When I am working with clients, there can often be high levels of stress, distraction and brain chatter taking place.

While we are in these states of heightened anxiety, we are less intelligent, less able to think critically, less able to be creative at problem solving.

There are high levels of stress hormones at play literally rendering the mind unable to focus. Many times I will use the following approach:

  1. Create space for them to purge - everything they are concerned, worried or frustrated about gets a space to be seen, heard and understood.

  2. Once they have shared fully and there is nothing else left that wants to come out, we move into an exercise that shifts their brain state. Breath work, meditation, visualisation and certain types of music are all options to facilitate this shift.

  3. In this new calmer state, we are able to access different parts of their mind that support intelligence, critical problem solving, creativity and wisdom.

The following infographic is a visual representation of the 5 brain states.

  1. The thinking self is largely at work inside Beta and Gamma.

  2. The heart self is accessed through Theta and Alpha. This is the creative center, the place where we find and harness flow.

  3. Stress literally makes the Thinking Self drunk

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