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Updated: Mar 16

** UPDATED **5 May 2021 - The wee Book (free access to it is below) has been updated to reflect the questions we are receiving that will be answered with guests and experts over the coming months.

It's only wee 10-pg PDF. And it should be considered Version 1.0 - Consider this your official invitation to wade in on the subject matter with me to debate, challenge or evolve its current form.

Here's why!

The ebook is an attempt at distilling a high level overview of the #3FootJourney that makes way for the next obvious step - the resources available to support that #3FootJourney.

I am already aware this wee book is incomplete. And I tend to be of the mindset that it is far easier to edit than to create or explore from a blank canvas.

I have a wild curiosity in this area of life - it has been something I have deliberately pursued for the last 10+ years. I am delighted with the outcome - and I can't help but look back and ponder that some structured content and context of the overall process would have been wonderful to have about 9 years back.

Furthermore, I would have liked that structured content and context to be presented in a form that a 6 year old could understand. I can be a bit thick at times.

This wee book is that first attempt at structure and context for a 6-year old.

Its intention is 2-fold.

First - is to organise that high level overview in a way that captures the process for the purpose of debate, challenge and evolution.

Second - is to make space for the obvious next question - HOW DOES ONE DO THAT? The idea here is simple, collect the infinite ways with which this journey can be made recognising one size does not fit all, and one size does not cover the whole 3 foot journey.

I am not you!. What has worked for me - doesn't necessarily work for you. We both already know that - so #insideGROWTH seeks to organise and structure a comprehensive list of facilitators, resources and tools that support this #3FootJourney

If you are a subject matter expert with a few opinions on this topic, you are cordially invited to get in touch with me using the details at the bottom of this page. If you are a facilitator who works inside these 3-feet - I would love to hear from you too.

[Click on image for instant access to PDF]

We're looking for subject matter experts to interview. If that's you, email shannon at shannoneastman dot com.
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