[FREE BOOK] Meaningful Work, Intrapreneurs, Innerpreneurs - all on the rise - but how, what & why?

Updated: Mar 16

I undertook my own research back in 2015 as I was faced with a shift in the tech industry I hadn't seen prior - I set out with my marketing hat firmly on, and researched the 3 biggest trends that shaped consumers from 2005 - 2015 - that research of mine can be found over here.

My conclusion was Meaning!

It single handedly changed my entire way of being in business from that point on.

In 2020, Mark.Drewell@Forsight.se published The Meaningful Economy in the throws of a Global pandemic, the rise of Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence and technology - all committed to evolving the role of mankind.

Dr. Kim Jobst, Metaphysician out of Oxford University has been exploring the role of disease in bringing people home to what is Meaningful to them.

Dr. Paul T. Wong, University of Toronto and Dr. Ken Hart, University of Windsor, have published their trailblazing, pioneering work in the area of Meaning over here.

insideGrowth has an intention to explore #MeaningfulWork from the perspective of the Individual seeking to work firmly inside this space.

  • What does it mean, really?

  • How do we step into it more fully?

  • Where is it going?

It is far easier to edit than to create sometimes.

The invitation to edit this Mini Book is officially being made to any subject matter experts who want to wade in on this topic. Email - shannon@shannoneastman.com - to get involved.

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