Embodied vs. Thinking

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

These cool quotes always appealed to my ego.. I shared them, quoted them and reminded myself of them along the way. They were a fun dopamine hit at times.

Only... they were not guaranteed to.. ** break down said wall ** despite my enthusiasm.

The thinking self, the conscious self - merely a Marionette doll - with strings operated by the unconscious Self operates at the behest of your unconscious programmes. Not necessarily your enthusiastic quips.

The unconscious self... is the embodied self. If it's programming is at odds with the thoughts of the conscious self, embodied will win out.

My own experience with accessing the embodied self has been through facilitated pursuit of feelings/emotion that offers up the exact breadcrumbs for me to follow until I've reached a wound/destination that wants to be seen healed integrated.

The transforming of a wound has made possible my marionette doll to dance freely inside some enthusiastic quip that allows the outcome of....

** breaking a wall or 2 down **

Harvey Specter, Suits, Netflix. - Love -


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