Clarity, Focus, Action meets Fear, Shame, Guilt

Updated: Mar 16

It has taken me a lifetime to resolve why it is that I know what I am supposed to do, and yet, I just can't or don't seem to be able to do it.

It has taken just as long for me to fully accept and embrace publicly that when you own your own business, your growth is directly proportional to business growth.

Working with hundreds, maybe a thousand, business leaders spanning Financial Services, Diversity & Inclusion, Sales Management, SaaS, Cyber, IT and smaller micro firms that tend to be Consultants, Advisors, Trainers and a few coaches (so diverse) over the last 5 years has turned up some really interesting insights:

92% of the business leaders and owners I have worked with, would resonate with 1 or more of the following:

  1. Thinks they are the only one caught in the snare

  2. Degrees of fear over your opinion of them

  3. Discovered a past experience hidden in their unconscious that is running their life that they didn't even know was there

  4. Experiences degrees of Fear, Shame, Guilt in the moment they get into meaningful action only to then take their foot off the gas until things roll into a halt

  5. Avoids Personal Brand shenanigans because of some underlying fear of Being Seen

I too have resonated with every one of those 5 over the years.

My passion, desire and heart song is in understanding natural laws and science for its practical application in business. I have been exploring this relationship since aged 13. My work here at Teach a Brand to Fish, over on my Podcast, Work That Matters and projects like Funds Ireland Mini Con, are wholly inspired by natural laws, governing dynamics and some exceptional teachers I've had the privilege to know and study with.

In 2015 I noticed a shift in the business industry.

A shift so great that it caused me to research the 3 most dominating trends year over year for 10 consecutive years to see what was going on. The Conscious Economy rising - the synthesis of a consumption economy with a Conscious Economy emerged. The punchline was Meaningful.

Customers wanted to buy meaningful, employees wanted meaningful work, business leaders wanted meaningful career trajectories - I've been working with Meaningful in business ever since.

Over the last 6 years, I have experienced first hand, SME business owners wanting to pursue 'Meaningful' only to struggle with their own psychology.

I shifted my focus from just 'marketing' to 'growth' circa 2017 officially. Sustainable and Profitable growth requires so much more than a kick-ass marketing initiative.

You cannot hide, deny or pretend that when you own the business, your growth is inextricably linked to your business growth, particularly when you enter the Meaningful zone.

I will be sharing insights, tools, strategies and context around growth for you as a business leader in an upcoming 2-Hr clinic:

Clarity, Focus, Action - Meet Fear, Shame, Guilt

It is my intention that I expand your awareness, shift your perspective and ultimately share some tools that you can take and use in your business world that gives you the growth you desire.

The opposite of nature is impossible.

The way of nature is more flow, less force.

When we understand natural laws and governing dynamics as they apply in business, we are more likely to embrace the ideas, then resist and coerce alternative results.

Nature is dynamic in its balance seeking, continuously inviting us (the species) to adapt.

Balance between:

yin/yang, light/dark, shame/pride, fear/courage, vision/present moment, foundation/scale, excited/terrified,


Those dualities are held together by dynamic tension.

We hold the tension of both the idea and the effort, the growth of a business and the infrastructure required to support that growth in a business, the serving of customers and the effort to gain new customers.

This Clinic is about growth for you and your business.

The You bit

is where we will briefly touch on three parts of the Self;

  • thinking self

  • heart self

  • observing Self

Love to Lacy Mills for giving me #TerriCited
Love to Lacy Mills for giving me #TerriCited

We will briefly look at Growth

Including fundamental concepts like:

  • Comfort Zones

  • Caterpillar Effect

  • Two types of growth

Clarity will be thoroughly explored from 4 perspectives:

  • The inside/outside job required to bring forth clarity

  • The wholeness of clarity that comes to you with the essence of Excitement and Terrifying

  • Healthy tension between The Future & The Now

  • What happens when we don’t do the work to facilitate the essence of terrifying, opting only for the bits that we deem Exciting.

  • Accessing Clarity

  • Structuring Clarity

Then we arrive at Focus

Focus as the Micro of Clarity's Macro

The form of focus that is enduring

The Universal Law behind Focus

Shannon Eastman Quote

Which leads us to the hidden magic of Action

Meaningful action becomes the departure of comfort, the beginning of uncertainty and the schooling you need to grow this version of you, into the next version of you, that gets to stand inside the achievement born of your Clarity.

We will look at Fear, Shame, Guilt under a new lens

A Lens that presents Fear, Shame, Guilt as the 3 wise kids who come bearing gifts of wisdom, gratitude and flow.

Whilst their appearance leaves a lot to be desired, and their form of interaction can be confusing at first, these three kids; fear, shame, guilt, have your very best interest at heart.

The 3 wise kids appear simply because the gifts they offer you are now required for you to fulfil the degrees of growth you desire to realise the vision. Ignoring these 3 wise kids tends to have us distracting ourselves, procrastinating and at times, and in the absence of tools and strategies to embrace these 3 kids, we feel powerless, frustrated and can spiral downwards thinking we can't.

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