Clarity does not elude us, it gets beaten up by our thinking self, here's why...

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

Where focus goes, energy flows.

>> But what if you can't focus?

>> Where is that energy going?

If you were asking my thoughts on why you lack focus,

I would suggest it's because you don't have sufficient clarity.

I would also suggest that in the absence of both Clarity and Focus,

you are likely not to be inside meaningful action.

And your energy is going into a search for answers, looking for a way to access a state of flow.

There is also likely to be an internal dialogue accompanying your search for answers - at best, that internal dialogue is frustrating your search, or at worst, leaving you in various degrees of feeling defeated.


We require Clarity on a few things:

  1. Our Service - the vehicle that we use to self-actualise, the vehicle we use to serve ever increasing numbers of people.

  2. Our Target Audience - who are the people that we want to serve, that have a legitimate requirement for our service and I'd like to add; are fun to work with, have a low-cost-to-serve, and are profitable.

  3. Our Why - Why we want this service to excel is as important to tease out as the service itself.

Our Why can be a wolf posing as a Do-gooder that will get us there the long way - or our Why can be our authentic self showing up ready to apply the efficient form of service - that contains the magic of hindsight from our war wounds, experience, and how-not-to-do-it shenanigans.

Truth is, both are perfect - but one way, will have you hitting metaphorical brick walls, time and time again until you learn the lesson well enough, that you get to pivot from Wolf-Dressed-Up-As-Do-Gooder to the Authentic self playing at ever increasing levels of the game of life.

Clarity emerges from the executive center of the brain, thanks to that moment of blissful alignment between head and heart.

Clarity comes with this wonderful release valve built into it!

When you get your Clarity, there is an AHA moment, followed by a release valve that lets in the welcome wagon comprising Fear, Shame, and Guilt .

It's that exact moment when you are equally excited and terrified.

You are Terri-cited

Your Welcome Wagon, containing terri-citement, is there to greet you as your Clarity brings you Focus, that compels you into Meaningful Action.

It's absolutely by design - we must have both excitement and fear simultaneously. This is one of the most powerful forms of leverage, nature offers us, that we get to play with when pursuing our heart song - our mission. - our raison d'etre.

Alas, so few of us are taught how to graciously respond to our welcoming committee bringing us all sorts of Fear, Shame and Guilt. Instead we feel it, only to fall back, slinking away to the drums of self-defeat.

Clarity does not elude us so much as it gets beaten up, judged and over-analysed by our thinking self, until it is almost unrecognisable.

Clarity is discovered in that glorious moment of alignment between head and heart.

The heart brings 'the feels'.

The head says -

'Nope! Don't like 'the feels' - this Clarity must not be it!"

Your mind is certain that your Clarity will be one sided.

Only happy, only positive, only exciting, only supportive, only good.

We are taken aback at the audacity of our Clarity trying to show up with equal helpings of challenge and uncertainty.

"Whaaaaaaaat is going on? My Clarity is supposed to calm me, reassure me and soothe me for God sakes. What the hell is that?"

It's Clarity! And it's the exact form you require in order to grow into the version of you that gets to realise the vision.


Dr. John Demartini is famous for saying - "Growth shows up at the intersection of challenge and support."

Another way of saying that is: "Growth shows up at the intersection of excited and terrified. Terri-Cited!"

So what I am saying is that Growth shows up inside that Moment of Clarity. Your Clarity is a picture of you in a moment and time - in the future. You see you 1 year, 3 years from now playing that beautiful music. Who you are now is not the version of you that gets to stand on stage playing such beautiful music.








Of You!

** penny is dropping - heads up!**

Chances are you have your Clarity - you just don't like that it came to you pulling a wagon with all sorts of fear, shame, and guilt waving at you all hyper and full-on. To you, that may as well be a wagon full of gremlins threatening to pour water on themselves, then be the other half of your Clarity.

Energy flows where focus goes!

If your focus is on mistreating your welcome wagon, then I'm going to place a bet on you living some version of hell, right about now. Your energy is fixated on it and with the filter you are using to view your welcome wagon, your body is full of stress hormones, self-defeat records playing and some underlying despair that you're never going to get to live your heart song.

So the Good News is; Fear, Shame, and Guilt are nature's multi-vitamins for you to realise the vision.

So, our aim here is for a lot less shunning of the welcome wagon, and a whole lot more embracing them. If that's too much to ask just now, then maybe, you can consider being open to this new perspective on Fear, Shame and Guilt - and see how that goes?

Fear, Shame, Guilt - Nature's way of giving you a toolbox to utilise in order to realise the vision.


#insideGROWTH is an online resource that explores the inside-you-kind-of-growth that yields more flow, less force.

We are exploring three areas: 1. Self Healing 2. Self Development 3. Meaningful Work ...and organising a series of online workshops in February. Details as to how you can get involved are here >>

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