4 Tech Insights bringing All-Change to your workplace

Updated: Mar 16

Bit of context for this wee post here!

The mega-trend dubbed #TheMeaningfulEconomy was documented in a book published by Foresight in the UK, 2020 - it's a topic I have been exploring since 2015 and have a renewed interest in it today for several reasons; one of which is this research I've done over here with Executives in Corporate >>

That research has literally compelled this project, insideGROWTH into existence - the Theme of #MeaingfulWork along with the 5 key questions that want exploring over the year, as we better understand the role of Meaningful in our lives, and our future.

  1. Dark Night of the Soul

  2. Head2Heart Journey

  3. Evolution of Business: Models, Culture, Leadership, Inclusion

  4. Tech's Role in facilitating #MeaningfulWork

  5. Pioneers and Trailblazers already doing this

This post gives a nod to point 4 above - the role of technology in facilitating #MeaningfulWork

Special thanks to Earle Hall and Gary Nuttall for their time, research and participating in this project.

The interview with Earle Hall is here >>

The interview with Gary Nuttall is here >>


4 Tech insights driving us into an extraordinary

All-Change work-wise, over next 5+ years

1. $5000 for a Quantum Computer, on sale now

The machine called Gemini is made by Chinese start-up SpinQ. The device, which will mainly be used to study the functioning of quantum computers, will cost nearly 4,000 euros. - @ Pixabay A Chinese start-up has just unveiled the very first quantum desktop computer. Called Gemini, this computer will be marketed at a price of 5,000 dollars (a little over 4,000 euros).

2. The 4th IR and the Hockey Stick Effect

Approximately every 50ish years we experience a shake up.

  • 1900's saw us in the Industrial Revolution

  • 1950's brought the Technology Revolution

  • 2000 we moved into the Digitalization Revolution

  • 2050 is set to see the Robotics Revolution

3. Any department run by data will digitalize itself

As well as, any process driven roles, procedural based activities, jobs that have a repetitive nature, are the jobs that are being digitalized. The speed with which this will happen, accelerates daily.

Consider that today, is as slow as it is every going to be for you.

4. Safely setting Ai free

Blockchain Security + True Data makes room for Artificial Intelligence to be set free to express, create, and resolve even more of the human based jobs - with far more accuracy, speed and resolve.


Some thoughts on this Runway into All Change

This runway is strewn with rubbish, broken glass and bright lights and warm welcomes. It's quite literally a runway with mixed messages from "what a shit-show" to a runway that casts waves of "intense fear and panic" as we become paralysed with self doubt and an inability to adapt.


Yet this runway also comes with "an invitation for you to resolve your place in a future that has automated everything for you, without you." An invitation for you to embrace change, adapt, evolve and become the next version of you. To move deeper into your Creative space.

That runway will likely trigger and even demand that you consider questions such as: What will you do? Who will you be? And this gem of a question, What is your purpose on this planet really about?

The runway is expected to be one of the most significant All-Change moments for us lot since the industrial revolution.

What's driving along that runway?

The Vehicle known as Technology and its accelerating with more speed every day.


insideGROWTH is committed to exploring this subject over the next 12 months, releasing insights, interviews and playbooks as we go, before we convene in February 2022 to look at each of the 5 core questions with a group of experts ready, willing and able to answer, share tools, methods and insight on how to navigate what's coming.

If you're a subject matter expert who would like to get involved in one or more of the 5 core questions, we'd love to hear from you.

Check out this research first >>

Then have a look at this Playbook over here >>

Then collect your thoughts, ideas and the subject you'd like to get involved in and

Email shannon at shannoneastman dot com to schedule a virtual coffee and exploration in to what and how.

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