19 Resources I used to make some of the unconscious, conscious

Updated: Mar 16

Just a wee share about the: People, Bodies of Work and Experiences that have had such an incredible impact on my own journey in case you may find one or more of these helpful for whatever you're exploring these days.


Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

People whose documented work has had a profound impact on me doing the work on transforming the unconscious bits. Not the knowledge acquisition, but specifically the resources and tools I have personally used to identify my unconscious programming and then transform it.

1. Dr. John Demartini

I am a long-time student of Dr. Demartini and his work has been hands down the best unconscious hack I've come across to date. And, Covid-19 has pushed that gorgeous Texan online. Breakthrough Experience has gone virtual kids. This is from one of my weekends with John over in London in his element.

2. Dr. Bruce Lipton

Valuable, Brilliant, Insanely relevant. I am in love with this work and cannot recommend it enough. There is so much Dr. Bruce brings to the table.

One thing I loved him for when I first came across his work was framing the word Epigenetics for me. What Epi means - as in Epigenetics - As in Epidermis.

Dermis is layer under skin,. Epi is above. Above genetics. Epigenetics making way for you and I to influence our genes.

Note: For 75 USD a year - you can access his entire library.

3.Poetry by Mansour Al-hallaj

His life, his work, his death, his poetry.

4. Ralph Waldo Emerson

His essay on Circles. LOVE!

Get the free PDF, or audio or YouTube it, if this jumps out at you.

5. Carl Jung

Making the unconscious, conscious is kind of what he's known for.

The Carl Jung groups on FB have become deeply valuable to me. I highly recommend them.

6. Osho's book - Courage. The Joy of Living Dangerously.


First time I read this book in 2007 I threw it across the garage and into the bin.

Second time I picked it up in 2011, I read it 18x in one month.

This book could be a hit or a F*CK YOU OSHO! (which was my 2007 reaction). Proceed with caution.

Courage. The Joy of Living Dangerously

7. Dr. Nassim Harramein

The physics of spirituality and his work exploring the space between things. I first came across Nassim when he put out his film; The Connected Universe. Then I joined his academy. And as such have been following his work on "Connections".

8. Buckminster Fuller

Buckminster Fuller

I lovingly refer to him as Bucky. I remember the day that I was sat in a conference listening to a line up of great minds when the conversation shifted towards the term #Precession. It kind of blew my mind.

Here's my interpretation of Bucky's paper on #Precession. The honey bee believes its goal in life is to visit a flower and partake of its nectar. So it does exactly that.

Now as the honey bee is in meaningful action, pursuing its goal of honey, what happens? Its wee little legs get covered in sticky pollen. And as it moves from flower to flower cross pollination happens and the honey bee inadvertently discovers its true purpose; sustaining vegetation on our planet to maintain the circle of life that is.

It is inside of meaningful action, pursuing the goal that we value most, that our true purpose is discovered. We don't get to conjure our true purpose from our thinking self.

9. The Hoffman Institute


The Hoffman Quadrinity Process®, founded by Bob Hoffman in 1967 is a week-long residential and personal growth retreat that helps participants identify negative behaviors, moods, and ways of thinking that developed unconsciously and were conditioned in childhood.

The Process will help you become conscious of and disconnected from negative patterns of thought and behaviors on an emotional, intellectual, physical, and spiritual level in order to make significant positive changes in your life. You will learn to remove habitual ways of thinking and behaving, align with your authentic self, and respond to situations in your life from a place of conscious choice.


10. Dr. Gabor Mate

I missed out on Gabor's genius 8 years ago when I first came across him simply because I wasn't able to connect his work on Addiction as being directly relevant to me. I heard addiction and thought heroine. I couldn't see my addiction to work, shopping as being as comparable back then. Anyway - Gabor has done some incredible work in the area of trauma, stress, addiction including transforming it and healing it.


Experienced facilitators:

Following are incredibly dedicated individuals who facilitate incredible experiences that support you in various ways to make the unconscious bits, conscious.

They are the very people I have engaged over the years to assist me.

They are presented to you here in alphabetical order by first name.

  1. Clara Jana Vávrová - Constellation, Prague

  2. Earl Hall - Veteran, TechCEO and Facilitator, Canada

  3. Gal Stiglitz - iDiscover, Israel

  4. Jasbinder Garnermann - Jungian Lecturer, Facilitator, Interprets Dreams, Ireland

  5. Dr. Kim Jobst - Medical Physician, Healer, Telos, UK

  6. Kirsten Stendevard - Feminine Leadership, Copenhagen

  7. Monica Ion - Brain Remodelling Expert, Facilitator, Coach, Spain

  8. Shannon Eastman - Facilitator, Human Behaviour, Management Consultant, Ireland

  9. William Whitecloud - Shaman, Facilitator, Natural Success Academy, S.Africa & USA


#insideGROWTH is an online resource that explores the inside-you-kind-of-growth that yields more flow, less force.

We are exploring three areas:

1. Self Healing

2. Self Development

3. Meaningful Work

And organising a series of online workshops in February.

Details as to how you can get involved are here >>

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