For Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs

& Business Leaders wanting more flow, less force.

A free online resource taking place February 2022!

Panels, workshops and media pieces from Practitioners, Experts, Healers and Business Leaders already generating results from their own application of these forms of #insideGROWTH.

2 Feb 2022 - 2pm GMT

3. Feb 2022 - 2pm GMT

4  Feb, 2022 - 2pm GMT
Unconscious Trauma in Business 

Creating from your future self

Business Growth for Small Business Owners

MiniCon is a free online event

Abstract Architecture


Multiple perspectives


From Intrapreneurs, Innerpreneurs, Academics, Subject Matter Experts and Psychologists, we will collect a diverse 360 degree look at the experience of the cost of unexamined, unconscious trauma in business, best practices in perfecting purpose, profit and people, and a look at how 

Lots of inspiration

Tools, case studies, examples and what not to do - will be front and center as we explore each theme, hear first hand from people who've already navigated that guantlet and pull together practical insights and ways you may want to try out yourself.