Our mission is dedicated to making the growth experience easier to access, engage and apply, for a life that has more flow, less force.


insideGROWTH seeks to do this inside a collaboration of mind-body-spirit practitioners, coaches and subject matter experts who work in one or more of the three areas: Self Healing, Self Development, Meaningful Work


Is to contribute a 20-Minute interview or three in the area that aligns best with your area of expertise.

There might be more than one area that suits you. 


Inside Growth focus .png


Once you've selected 1 of the 3 themes above as your area to wade in on, there are x3 types of short interviews available. (or make up your own)


1. Your story - 20-Minutes

2. Your thoughts on the Playbook available as a free download from the site.  Interview is max 15 Minutes long. Consider this a contribution to what will become an industry wide methodology circulated at the end of our exploration with you attributed. 


3. Your philosophy / Methodology to facilitate people in one of those three areas

insideGROWTH is an online resource that explores integrated & holistic (mind, body, spirit ) approaches to growth for you, and for those using their professional work to further their personal growth.

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