insideGROWTH is an online resource that explores integrated & holistic (mind, body, spirit ) approaches to growth for you, and your business.

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Our mission is dedicated to making the growth experience easier to access, engage and apply, for a life that has more flow, less force.


insideGROWTH seeks to do this inside a collaboration of mind-body-spirit practitioners, coaches and subject matter experts who work in the areas of

1. Self healing Work 

2. Self Development Work 

3. Meaningful Work 

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We've identified 3 themes to focus our exploration based on 3 dozen conversations with individuals who consider themselves at the start, or recently engaging in, this form of growth. 

Self Healing Work, Self Development Work, Meaningful Work

Each theme will be explored through to February 2022, and move through three phases: 

1. Discovery - mini ebooks, mini interviews, mini insights, mini research all designed to uncover a more complete overview for each theme, supported by a set of resources to use to navigate inside each theme. 

2. Distill - mini experiences, mini workshops, mini conferences (think 90-minutes long) that will present the essence of what we uncovered, led by practitioners, coaches and subject matter experts 

3. Deploy - all content will be captured in a media format and shared freely. The intention is to produce an iteration of a methodology that is released towards the end of the 6-month exploration.

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We host mind-body-spirit based practitioners, coaches and subject matter experts who want to contribute to insideGROWTH in 3 ways: 

1. Contribute to our draft Overview to make it more complete. #SelfHealingWork, #SelfDevelopmentWork, #MeaningfulWork

2. Share how you support individuals inside these three areas of growth


3. Share your story about why you do what you do

Navigating your way #insideGROWTH tends to be far more efficient when you are being facilitated - we want to make finding and engaging those facilitators a bit easier.  

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Dr. Kim Jobst


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Shannon Eastman

Creative & Communications

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Sara Morse

Research Assistant

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